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Pihl & Schelling


Though the harp is as ancient as the mountains, the modern harp is actually developed more or less at the same time as the saxophone. The two instrument are very much product of the romantic era; however Pihl & Schelling don't stop there!


The duo has comissioned works by several leading Dabish composers such as Ib Nørholm, Peter Bruun and Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen, taking the ensemble into the 21st century…but that is not all. Joost Schelling (harp) also plays the baroque harp - and as Kasper Pihls saxophones are quite ancient (in saxophone terms) the repertoir now also include baroque and renaissance music performed on 'period instruments'…more or less that is ;-)


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Since Haydn difined the string quartet other instruments have been searching for their 'family'-ensemble, som with more succes than others. A very succesfull newcomer is the reed quartet where the saxophone join forces with clarinet, oboe and bassoon… 

Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet


Founded in 1996 The Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet has been one of the most active and versertile ensembles in Denmark; the repertoire is broard an encompasses the original repertoire for the ensemble, brand new pieces writen for the quartet and daring arrangements of classic works by masters such as Bach, Moussorgsky, Brahms and others.


The Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet has toured extensively in Denmar, Norway, Sweden, Germany, England and Japan.


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