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The works listed below are a selection of the pieces that are written for me and my ensembles.

Louis Aguirre

Óya (2011)
For two alto saxophones 

Peter Bruun

Her rydded de marken for stene engang (2013)
For alto saxophone and harp


Henrik Budde

Colours of that night (2012)
For Saxophone Quartet

Morten Skovgaard Danielsen (1967-2009)

Noster Insanit (2007)
For Saxophone Quartet


Wholesome, then no planet strike  (2008)
For two baritone saxophones; one live and one prerecorded • Listen on SoundCloud


Loïc Destremeau

Amaque (2014)
For Saxophone Quartet


Lasse Toft Eriksen

Strc prst skrz krk! (1996)
For soprano saxophone, clarinet and bassoon


Dagen går med raske fjed (1997)
For soprano saxophone and organ

Johannes Grønager

Saxofonduet for to altsaxofoner (1996)
For two alto saxophones


Dwarf nebulae (1997)
For flute, alto saxophone, bassoon and bass

Claus Gahrn

Towards (2006)
For violin, baritone saxophone and piano 

Bo Gunge

Three-0-3 (1996)
For flute, oboe, clarinte, alto + tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano and percussion


12 Studies (2014)
For alto saxophone and harp

Eyvind Gulbrandsen

Detections and Spinnoffs (2002)
For Saxophone Quartet


Trio (2005)
For viola, baritone saxophone and piano 


The Four Seasons (2012) - video
For alto saxophone, electronics and audience

Jexper Holmen 

ÿon versatile 3 axis bench milling machine (2006)
For violin, baritone saxophone and piano 


Mianda (2011)
Concert for baritone saxophone and sinfonietta

Kasper Jarnum (1971-2011)

Repulsion I (1996)

For soprano saxophone solo 


Lad os nu ankomme (1995)

For flute, alto saxophone, bassoon and string bass 


Trio (1996)

For soprano saxophone, clarinet and bassoon


Repulsion II (1997)

For tenorsaxophone and piano 


Berceuse (1997)

For violin and soprano saxophone 


Blodsdrømme og Antiterapi (1998)

For saxophone quartet and ensemble 


Når Du Lytter (2001)

For baritone saxopohone solo 


Universets bæreevne (2002)

For saxophone quartet 


BrummeDrømme (2002)

For two tenor saxophones 


Take You Higher/Amagerbrogade (2007)

For saxophone quartet and Moog synthesizer


Me and my world

For soprano saxophone and piano


Luis Federico Jauguiberry

Once palabras de un padre (2014)
For Saxophone Quartet


Morten Ladehoff

Sax-objects (2008)
For Saxophone Quartet


Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard

Disruptions (2016)
For saxophone quartet and four floor fans

Niels Marthinsen 

The Poet (2007)
Premiered in the version for violin, baritone saxophone and piano in 2009


Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Epigrammer (2012)
For alto saxophone and harp

Svend Nielsen

Tre Sax-stykker (2000)
For Saxophone Quartet


Trio-sonatine (2005)
For violin, alto/baritone saxophones and piano

Per Nørgård

Delta (2007)
In a version for violin, alto/baritone saxophones and piano 

Ib Nørholm

Vedrørende Salighed (Regarding bliss), Op. 200 (2012)
For alto saxophone and harp

Late Harvest, Op. 205 (2016)

For alto saxophone and piano

Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki

Following Rosetta (2011)
For Reed Quartet


Per Skriver

Kvartet for fire saxofoner (1997)
For Saxophone Quartet

Simon Steen-Andersen

Impromptu (2000)
For cor anglais, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone and bassoon

Li-Ying Wu

Hylaves (2014)
For two saxophones



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