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Lectures on Sax, saxophones, saxophonists – and more…

Over the years I have given lectures on a wide viriaty of subjects – allthough saxophones have a tendency to find their way into the talks.


Most recent I have given talks about the inventor of the saxophone Adolphe Sax (1814-1894) focussing not only on the man and the instruments but also on the time in wich he lived and the legacy of Sax and the saxophone; the role(s) of the saxophone in music.


I like playing music on the different saxophones during the talks, the result being a mixture of lecture and concert.


Lectures can be in Danish or English. If you would like to have more information please contact me here…

From Sønderborg Library - talking about Adolphe Sax, but starting of with a bit of Bach…

Adolphe Sax and the saxophone

– the story of a time, man and an instrument


As Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo the Sax family had just settle in Dinant (just 60 km away) with their infant son Antoine-Joseph Sax, known as 'Adolphe'. Adolphe was to become the most original and ambitious inventor of music instruments (and many other things) – and had a marvelous gift for getting enemies. The dramatic life of Adople Sax is the offset for a talk on Sax, saxophones and the fascinating era leading up to the "Saxophone Craze" of the 1920's.




Lecture on the saxophonist Sigurd Raschèrat the Artic University in Tromsø, Norway

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